Elefont for Bryce 3D
Elefont for Bryce 3D
On this page i want to make you familiar with the most wonderfull utility for Bryce 3D
It's unbelieveble that this utility isn't intergraded with the original Bryce program, because in my opinion it's a topper.
With this samll program (it's about 340 Kb) you can make all sorts of fonts as a object (dfx) wich can be imported in Bryce as a object

It's as easy as making yourself a cup of coffee, or making it in other programmes wich are specialy made for making 3D text (convince yourself)
Ones started the program Elefont you can type any text you like and manipulate it.
Choose the font you like and the size you want.
How does it work ?
What's next ?
After you typed the text you like to put into Bryce you can turn the text (wire) around to see how it's look like in 3D.

You can also make your text smaller if you like, but it doesn't have real effect because you can resize the object later when
you have imported the textobject into Bryce.
If the word you just typed in doesn't fit, don't you worry, it will be all done in Bryce where you can manipulate as much as you like and create all sizes (in depth too).
Making presets in Elefont
If you click on the B (bevel) you can make some presets for the appearance of the fonts.
It go's to far to explain all kind of borders and i don't want you to do less than all the possibility's of the program.

I nice border for you to try out is for example the Outline Stamp wich gives a very special effect.
You have to experiment wich kind of border fits for the appearance of your text in Bryce.

Be carefull that it doesn't look overdone.
If you have finished making your text
You can safe the text you made by clicking on the disk and give the file a name (for instance the text you made).

Save the file in a folder you have created for this kind of 3D
object so you can find it back in a second.
When this work is all done, you made your first 3D text ready for use in your Bryce 3D program.

Realy ..... it can be imported right now.

Click on hide if you like to make other words in 3D in the same session, or Quit if you dont't.
Import in Bryce
Now you are ready for importing in Bryce......
Go to file and select 'import object'.
Find de file you just saved via the program Elefont and select it.
The text object will appear in your Bryce world and will be ready to resize and give it a texture you like.
First you have to turn the 'object' so that it's in the right position.
After that you must resize it or get it into the front of your
3D world (Bryce users don't need a explanation).
When everything is in position you can make your text complete by giving it a nice texture as you can see on the Bryce pre-rendered pictures below.
What else can i do with this wondefull 3D text?
Make your rendered text on a one color sky in Bryce and save (export) as a image.

After that you can import the image into programes like Photoshop or Paintshop and cut the text out of it's background and use some filters to manipulate the 3D text you have made in Bryce for use at your homepage.
That's all my friend, but because of your patients reading this page you can now download the program Elefont and have fun with it.
For those who are still shaking because of my bad English, i invite you to make a 100% translation so that i can replace my terrible text.
Download Elefont
You can download Elefont from my server but i'am sure that you prefer to download it from the site where you can find the makers of this wonderfull tool.

You might find some other interessting things to, worth to investigate.

With thanks to Armanisoft who deserve all the credits.
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